I have a physical diary lying right next to my pc. It's got a nice leathery texture and it's salmon colored, pencil case right on top. And yet I never seem to flip it open and write about my day unless I'm feeling pretty spicy.

Something feels particularly private about writing stuff in the mysterious hackerman coding window where the interwebs happen, it's like some behind the scenes stuff. Woah.

Ideally that means I'll use this tab for it's intended purpose and dignify my thoughts with some carefully written sentences.

It's the new year! [24.01.2024]

if you happen to follow this site I'm deeply sorry if neocities notifies you every little update that I do. It should be evident by now that I don't know dick about coding and I'm just making things up as I go. I haven't even kept this place updated, all I've done is faff about with the layout. Which should also put in evidence my attempts to pretty up and romanticize little aspects of my life and how that's held me back from actually living said life. Like when you want all the perks of a lifestyle without actually doing the work: I've always wanted a website where I write out thoughts and express little ideas, but I always put off that journal entry for another day. Much symbolic, tremendous.

First thing I'm doing to bank on that is use any little pocket of time I have to work on something, anything. Write a bunch, think of what I can do to improve some website layouts, shove one artpack in the new site I just set up. It doesn't have to be the days' work: just one little thing until it becomes a habit to just... start tasks. That's just been the hardest thing for me: starting. Once I get going I get fucking going yo but it's that little window of time where I'm wondering what to do that a lot of life just goes away. As if I needed permission to dedicate a day to my girlbossing activities. As if I needed that day to be untouched by the messier aspects of daily life like dishes piling up and shitty quick meals. That's bullshit m'am: any day is a good day to live how you want.

Well guess what, I'm writing this now and my workday hasn't even started proper. Shit feels good.

I wanna take that attitude going forwards this year.

So hey, what's up? I'm Mel, I'm married to the love of my life and we're becoming parents this year.
I do smut comics and commissions for a living. I don't think I'd have it any other way.
I live in Chile and I like it here, I have a feeling latam is gonna become awesome in the next couple of years.
Aside from drawing I like cooking, cleaning and all those JustGirlyThings.
My favourite games are Majora's Mask, Age of Mythology, Splatterhouse, Pokemon Colosseum and Streets of Rage.
80s movies are the bomb and I could gush about cinema all day but I also have a watch of Twilight every 4 months.
Pink Season is my favourite album.
I'll one day show off the detailed list of the crimes my dog, Rocky, has comitted.

I hope this place finds you well. Dick about and have fun.