Not an actual drawing of me

Hey Hey this is Mel, real life waifu to a lovely husbo named Matt and drawer of squigly lines and dumb looking dogs.

My body of work consists mainly of doodles and artwork generally inspired by stories my boo and I write since we were a pair of dumb kids on the internet.

Since we met on a time where art was not easily scrollable and was instead the perfect little way to capture a moment in a friendship, I've decided to put together this little corner of the interwebs in an attempt to evoke those warm fuzzy feelings of having that art journey organized all neat and tidy, like Auntie Kondo always suggests. Spark some Joy.

Ideally I'll end up filling it with an accesible archive that doubles as a portfolio, with the more gossipy and less professional tidbits conveniently hidden away. It'd be like a little treasure hunt.

My jam is post-apocalyptic settings and forbidden romances.